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  • Blarney and the gift of gab

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As a McCarthy (maiden) I’ve always been intrigued by my Irish roots and in wanting to go to Ireland and kiss the famous Blarney Stone. As I researched my ancestry I’d found out quite a bit, and it was really cool to learn about the history of the McCarthy clan in regards to… [Continue Reading]

    Blarney and the gift of gab
  • She’s A WildFlower

    Can you believe it’s March already? Living here in south Texas, I’m probably not as antsy for spring as some of our precious vintage-loving friends here. Here, we have pretty much two seasons, warm or hot, and especially this year we really didn’t have much of a winter, which was fine by me. So, knowing… [Continue Reading]

    She’s A WildFlower
  • Junkin’ Sisters Tribe

    Are you a fan of vintage, junkin’, flea markets, and thrift stores? Does your heart race when you spot chippy, rusty finds or see a barn sale sign?  Are you a creative, re-purposer, junker or would like to be one? If you answered yes to at least a few of these I’d like to extend… [Continue Reading]

    Junkin’ Sisters Tribe
  • Farmhouse Finds Under 50 From Target

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who runs into Target for “just one thing” and comes out with a cart-full and half the time it’s without what you originally came in there for? Clearly I do not have Target self-control, and don’t even get me started on the dollar spot items. Ahem..anyways, I… [Continue Reading]

    Farmhouse Finds Under 50 From Target