5 Ways To Stay In Facebook’s News Feeds

5 Ways To Stay In Facebook's News Feeds
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I’m sure you’ve seen it trending, Facebook is once again changing their algorithm, or in simpler terms, what it is that you see in your news feed when you’ve logged onto Facebook.  I wanted to touch on the changes and give five (free!) ways for small businesses to stay in their fan’s Facebook news feeds.

These changes are the kind of thing that concerns many small business owners, such as myself, that use Facebook to reach their fans and customers. On our page, Charity Sparrow, we’ve been able to weather many of these changes fairly unscathed. Some we even grew through as we learned more about what the social media giant is looking for, and rewards.

One main reason we grew, I think, is because we’ve worked hard to build relationships and a sense of community around our page, and now our linked group, The Junkin’ Sisters Tribe.  If you know Facebook at all, you’ll know they want it to be a community-driven platform.  Even these latest changes reflect that, so as a small business owner I need to be flexible and strategic as they make changes, and so do you.

Here are five ways  to do that:

◘  Encourage users to follow your page and to choose to “see first”

At the top of our page next to the “like” button is the “following” button. Users can follow and then hover over that button to see a drop-down and click “see first”.  They can also turn notifications on for your page, probably a good idea as well.

Though they still may not see a lot of your posts, this will help our pages from not being seen at all!  I’ll be encouraging our community to do this so they’ll see the content we post. A graphic showing your users how to do this would be helpful, too, or it could be something to show them on..

◘  Facebook Lives

Facebook has really been favoring Facebook lives since their beginning and it looks like they’re going to be featured even more as these changes roll out. Why?  Because lives generate that sense of community and engagement that Facebook wants, and it seems to fall into line with the way they’re headed, such as the roll out of the new t.v., Facebook Watch episodes.

Wanting to try lives, but not sure where to start? Yeah, me, too! And we can both learn from my business coach and mentor, Jennifer Allwood, about the power of Facebook live, she is an expert on the subject and has mentored so many of us small business owners through her page lives. You could use lives to announce & promote my next tip..

◘  Facebook Events

We haven’t utilized events on our page nearly as much as we should, mostly because we’re not a traditional brick and mortar, but we plan on changing that and thinking bigger. Using Facebook events for small business happenings is really a no-brainer, it’s an easy (free!) way to let your fan base know what you have coming up.

Facebook has devoted free resources to help you make the most of your events, so it must be important to them. Events are also big with the platform because they see them as another way to bring people together, which ties into they’re mission statement:  Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Events fit that bill perfectly, as does my next tip..

◘  Facebook Groups

If you read between the lines of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement post you’ll see this quote:  “The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.”  This makes sense as groups are based around communities, and where contacts and friendships are made.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a group, this may be a good time to consider if a group is right for your business, and if the pros outweigh the cons to jump in and try one.  If you’re a group owner or admin already, your group is another way to stay in touch with your community you’ve worked hard to build, as well building customer loyalty and relationships. One thing I’m not suggesting is dumping your page for a group.

My group admins and I work hard and we’ve recently been recognized as power admins by Facebook. So though we’re a fairly new group, I think we’ve learned a lot and if there’s enough interest I’d be happy to share some of that knowledge and help others to grow their groups as well. Let me know in the comments if that would be of interest and valuable to you. And finally..

◘  Ask Fans Questions

Facebook will be filtering out click-bait type posts to clean up the user’s news feeds in favor of the friends, family and group posts mentioned.  This doesn’t mean that question posts will no longer work, but it’s the type of questions that are important.

Page and business owners, including myself,  are going to have to think outside of the box on ways to engage and interact with their community.  How can we build relationships with the people who come to visit our pages?  They need to see behind the curtain of our brands, and we need to care about them, and what matters to them.

I hope this post was helpful to you as we navigate the newest changes to the feeds, and work to reach our fans and customers through our pages. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes, or if you plan on trying any of these tips, were any of them helpful to you?

Thank you for being here, as always, and let me know of any other topics you’d like to hear about on the blog. Wishing you the best,

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5 Ways To Stay In Facebook's News Feeds

15 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stay In Facebook’s News Feeds

  1. Thank you for the tips Courtney. So, so helpful! I have much to think about and learn as I navigate these facebook changes and your tips, sure help me. You are a great mentor, not to mention friend, and I appreciate both. 🙂

    1. Kim,
      I’m so glad to hear they were helpful, I’ll try to pass along these things as I hear and learn about them, especially for our Tribe. You are both to me as well, and I can’t thank you enough! xo

  2. Thank you for the break down of Facebook’s changes. I am a brick & mortar store that heavily relies on facebook newsfeed presence.

    1. Shannon,
      You are so welcome, I’d encourage you, if you didn’t already, to watch Jennifer’s FB live on it, there’s a link in the post, but you can also find it on her fb page: @themagicbrushinc
      it was full of good information and for easing the panic!
      And since I’ve had good feedback (especially in the group) about the post, I know that this type of content is needed, so I’ll be sure to do more of it. Us small biz gals need to stick together! Thanks for your input & wishing you the best during these changes,

  3. Hi Courtney, thank you for the tips! Now to learn Facebook Live…I have wanted to give it a try.

    Maybe you have just given me the push I needed, xo

    1. Jane,
      You’re so welcome my sweet friend! I really think you’d be a natural, you’re already so good at IG stories. If and when you do I’ll be there to cheer you on! xo

  4. Thanks Courtney! I’m a super small business owner & I wish there was a way to use events or the calendar to show projects I’m working on. For example “Coming up this week – Cabinet transformation at Casey’s.” Any idea how I can do that? I think my people would enjoy it & check back to see progress, etc.
    Also, a WHILE back I decided to try creating a group from my Cleo’s Calling page to see if more of the people who’ve like my page would see my posts. It worked & I had a lot more people engaging in posts. I then received a message from fb asking why I created a group from my page. I explained & never heard back from them. But suddenly the group was no longer linked to my page. I started seeing where they were encouraging people to create groups from their page or link a group to their page but I cannot figure out how to get my group linked back to my page. I’ve tried all the suggestions but none have worked. Any help would be appreciated!
    Shannon K.

    1. Shannon,
      You are so welcome! That is a fantastic idea for using events that way, like I mentioned in the post we really haven’t used events much at all so I don’t have a lot of helpful information on that. I’ll have to look into it & use them more, but I’ll be sure to pass along anything I learn..and if you play around with them & figure it out, please let me know!
      That surprises me that FB sent you that message about your group & un-linked it, how frustrating!
      I’m assuming you’ve probably put in a help ticket with them to ask why/have it fixed. I’ve been pretty fortunate getting their help with the page, one tip there is that I use humor when messaging, if possible, I figure they’re young & get a lot of hate mail. Not sure if that’s why, but my issues get fixed pretty fast.
      They sure have been pushing for linked groups and I know groups are a huge deal for them right now, so not sure what happened there. That’s great that you were getting more engagement from the group and I’d keep at it..IF you enjoy it, and it brings benefits to both you and your members/customers.
      I’ll keep posting as I learn more, thanks,

  5. Great tips! Thank you, I ‘m rally interested in how groups work, I’ m a member of many groups and I would like to have a group for my activity but I can’t figure out how and what. I would like to do something new.. (Sorry for my poor english)

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Gioconda, and letting me know that you’d like more info about groups. I’ve had others ask for blog posts on it as well and since there’s a want for it I’ll be writing about groups soon, please check back, or maybe sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss any postings. Have a great week!

  6. I’m a Small home based crochet business owner with a ton of fans on my page and very little interaction. I tried a group page a few years ago and it worked great for awhile. Then I just couldn’t get anything so I abandoned it. A few days ago I invited my friends again and it’s slowly getting back. Is it better to have it public so folks can share etc? I tried that tonight and got a slight uptick. Any advice would be awesome! Thank you!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I stopped by your page and oh my goodness, adorable, I can see why you have so many fans!
      You definitely could try going public, but my concern about doing that would be potential members asking why should they join if they can see everything without having to join or participate?
      Have you ever given thought of running a paid teaching/membership group? Those have become popular and a great way to make extra money. You could teach others to crochet, etc. It’s an option I’m thinking about myself and I see some people having great success with it.
      Hope this helps! xo

  7. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been finding it difficult to expand my following in fb lives, I’ll definitely try asking my viewers to follow .

    1. JoAn,
      You’re so welcome!
      I took my own advice and tried it, I received about 600 new follows. Not a huge number for my page size, but definitely worth a few minutes of my time to reach those who want to see my content..good luck & let me know how it goes, thanks,

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