Junkin’ Sisters Tribe

Junkin' Sisters Tribe on Facebook, If You're Attracted to the Vibe, Welcome To The Tribe

Are you a fan of vintage, junkin’, flea markets, and thrift stores? Does your heart race when you spot chippy, rusty finds or see a barn sale sign?  Are you a creative, re-purposer, junker or would like to be one? If you answered yes to at least a few of these I’d like to extend an invite for you to join our Junkin’ Sisters Tribe on Facebook.

We’ve teamed up with some amazing and talented women to extend the small tribe we had and open up a group to other women who may be looking for their tribe, too. We have Jane Peet from Grit Antiques, Heather Provencio from Wholehearted & Co., and Kim Banko from Kim Finds and Redesigns.  Jane and Heather are from North Carolina, and Kim hails from Ontario.

We’d found in sharing, and in supporting one another we were so much stronger together. We’ve each stepped out of our comfort zones a little more and with support have taken steps toward our dreams that we might not have taken, or would have taken longer, without that support.

These ladies cheered me on with the blog, through a 50 mile walking challenge, and more, including the starting of the Tribe. We’ve laughed together, shed a few tears, and a few of those tears were from laughter! We have been there for each other in ways that I’m so grateful for. And we know there are other tribe members out there that are looking for fun, support, and big-hearted friends that they can dream with as well. If this resonates with you, c’mon  over.  If you’re attracted to the vibe, welcome to the Tribe.
Friends Don't Let Friends Go Junkin' Alone via Charity Sparrow, Where Vintage Tells A Story



10 thoughts on “Junkin’ Sisters Tribe

  1. girl, your posts, and graphics make me happy! I feel pretty blessed that we met and now have a supportive group of junkin’ sisters! strength in numbers sweet friend…whether it’s junk or a walking challenge we have your back, xo

    1. I feel blessed, too, Jane, thank you! I know you do, and I have your back, too! xo

  2. Courtney, you just know I will give you lots of ammunition for tears of laughter. I am hear for you tribe sister for comic relief, or an ear to listen. Your support and friendship and my other tribe sisters means more than y’all will ever know. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you. xo

    1. Kim,
      The feeling is more than mutual my sis. And I thank you for every laugh & smile you’ve brought my way and hope they’re returned to you ten-fold! I love our tribe! xo

    1. Hi Hope,
      How sweet are you? Thank you So much, I can’t tell you what that means..did you join the tribe? xo

  3. I ❤ all your posts and graphics! I have a small booth and love the thrill of finding something for my home or for others!
    I’ve been encouraged to blog but just don’t know quite how to go about it.

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! The thrill of the hunt is the best, isn’t it? Did you put in a request to join the tribe? We’ll be talking about blogging as well as social media, etc., and it’ll be great for support and advice! I’ll do some posts here about what I’ve learned so far, as well..xo

  4. I love your posts! some make me laugh out loud and some are just heart lifting and beautiful….thank you

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