What’s Your WORD for 2018?

What’s Your WORD for 2018?

Do you set a word, or intention, for the new year ahead? I thought I’d share mine with you..it’s Action!

What's Your WORD for 2018? Action Charity Sparrow

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The past few years I’d chosen words like Dream, Fly, and Grow, which are all wonderful words and I still believe you need to have a Dream, shake off the old to let your spirit Fly, and you must Grow into your calling. Those are all good things and I can see why I chose them then and see their part in the path that lead me to where I am now, which is to take Action (able) steps, each and every day towards those things I was dreaming of then.

It didn’t seem like a very sexy word, action, I had looked up the synonyms to see if there was something a little hipper, but I kept coming back to the nitty-gritty. I need to take action daily, whether it’s physical, mental, actionable steps in my business, or the act of writing a blog post. One of the first action steps I took was to hire a business coach.

Many of you in the vintage and creative world know, love, and admire my coach, Jennifer Allwood, from her amazing Facebook page and FB lives. I felt like I already knew her, as I know so many of you will understand, because she really “gets” us creatives and has a heart and passion to coach and mentor us. I’m also originally from IA. like she is, and can relate to the curly hair posts (yes, my curly-haired girlfriends, she has a post about the products she uses!) and I’m also an introverted extrovert, which is a thing, catch her fb live about it.

Since I was already stalking following her on her page and podcasts, I decided to take action and join her Inner Circle coaching group. I’m glad I did, in the past few months it has motivated me to update my website that needed fixing, I’d been limping along with it for a year, and taking real steps towards opening up shop for digital branding designs and logos, both on my site and Etsy shop.

Another result of being coached the past few months is that I’ve gained a few new clients and a bunch of new connections. I also hired my first Virtual Assistant, or VA, just to handle a few projects for me for now, so that I can concentrate my efforts elsewhere. It was a dream of mine and fun to have actualized, even in a small way. I highly recommend Jennifer, of course, but also coaching or mentoring with someone you admire, no matter who that is, to go to the next level. For the cost of a night out or two, it’s well worth it.

So, tell me, what’s Your WORD for 2018? I’d love to know and hear about any steps you may have taken already with your word in mind, or plan to take. We can cheer one another on in this new year! Also to cheer you on I have this free Facebook cover for you, to remind you that the best time for new beginnings is now! You can download it here, or click the pic below, enjoy!
Happy New Year! xo

New Beginnings Facebook cover
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10 thoughts on “What’s Your WORD for 2018?

  1. Courtney, you have been busy! I love the new look of your website. It is simple, beautiful and easy to navigate. I love it. I never knew Jennifer Allwood was your coach. Fabulous! It looks like you have hit the ground running as far as taking action on your goals, and I am excited to see the results.
    I have given my word for 2018 some thought, and have decided on the word trust. I am not referring to trust in relationships, but rather, trusting my instincts, trusting the process, as far as my personal and business life. Looking forward to all 2018 brings both of us my friend!

    1. Thank you my sweet sis, I still have some work to do on it, but I’m loving the site so far and I’m glad you do, too! I think I’d told you I’d started being coached, but I don’t think I’d said I was part of Jennifer’s Inner Circle, it’s been a great decision, thank you! I think it was the kick in the pants I needed! lol
      Oh, trust is perfect. I’m excited to watch as you continue to trust your process and keep growing, and I’m excited for us both in this new year, too! xo

  2. Loving your new look Courtney!! 😍😍 and this awesome post!! ❤
    “Believe” would be my word! I have not been believing in myself for a long time due to being burnt really bad burnt both emotionally and finacially from a restaurant that I owned with my parnter at the time about 5 years ago. My new business and growth have suffered from it and like you being in Jennifer’s Inner Circle Group has given me the big kick in the pants to move forward and believe in myself once again!!

    1. I think it’s so cool, Sam, that we’re not only tribe, but inner circle sisters my friend. I didn’t know you’d gone through that, if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here for you, I’ve been burnt more times than I can count, and I can’t wait to watch us both rise from those ashes! Thank you so much for your sweet comment & compliments, happy new year! xo

  3. Yes. I do choose a word for the year. Or actually, I believe God chooses the word, and then just impresses it on my heart and spirit with such clarity and repetition that I can’t deny His selection. My word for this year is
    It’s interesting that in order to receive, one must first have empty hands. And to have empty hands, one must…..let go. To often I find myself longing for the “good gifts” God has in store for me, but realizing that if they arrived I would not be able to receive them. My hands are gripped around what needs to be let go.
    Perhaps we sometimes hang on, keeping full hands, because we doubt anything else will come to fill those empty fingers if we let go. But eventually, the anticipation of what might come motivates us, and we find the courage to release our grip and RECEIVE!

    1. That is really profound, Charitea, that to have empty hands, one must let go..yes! Thank you for sharing that, I have issues with receiving, and especially letting things go, sometimes as well. I hope we both are able to receive all the good that God has for us in this new year! xo

  4. I’m a scrapbooker, and have done One Little Word for several years. This year, I have two phrases that I’m going with, instead of single words. The first is “Live Intentionally”, and the second is “Be Engaged in Life”. I find that there are often times I often wish I would do something, but never do for whatever reason, and these two phrases are meant to make me take more intention in my day-to-day life, without being afraid to branch out and try new things, even if I fail 🙂

    1. Linda, that’s so awesome, I love scrapbooking, too, though it’s been awhile since I’ve done it. I agree that living an intentional, engaged life is going to help you to be more daring and go for some of those things you were only dreaming of before. And I think I’ve learned way more from my failures than anything else, so really, what do we have to lose (except the fear/hesitation)? Thank you so much for sharing! xo

  5. Hi Courtney, love the new fresh look! I always pick a word and this year it is organic.

    Beautiful post my sweet friend, xo

    1. Thank so much, Jane, I’m really glad I went for it! I think organic is the perfect word for you, and I know it’s about way more than food for you, but how you want to live your life. This is going to be a great year for us my friend! xo

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